One thing and the Whole

One Thing and the Whole                            As I am growing and developing in my professional skills and balancing working a marketing position and running the church Jr. High and College ministries I am learning how much any one piece of that effects it all. I can’t be on top of my church involvement and let […]

Redeeming Black Friday

Redeeming Black Friday                 Black Friday does ruin the classic ideal of Thanksgiving being a nice meal with friends and family for those that begin lining up at stores at 5pm on Thursday evening. However, I do not want to give the impression that those who do such things are horrible stuff focused people. Besides […]

30 Days of Days of Random Acts of Kindness

30 Day of Random Acts of Kindness                 A while back I posted a link to a ted talk by Shawn Achor. In it he encouraged people to practice a thirty dayy attitude changing drill. For it you write out three things you are thankful for each day, write about one positive experience, and reach […]

Boundaries of Information

                 In order to know what was going in other people’s lives you used to have to write them, call them or see them in person. Or hear about them from mutual friends. Information or the details of a person and their lives could only be gleaned through […]

Internal World

On Wednesdays I am going to be going over ones internal world. How we think and respond internally to outside stimulus. Granted, of all the days that I will take a break it will be this one. My focus should be outwards on others first. When I think to much about how, “I feel” “I […]

Politics for Tuesday: Healthcare Debacle

Political Tuesday                 Healthcare. It used to be a swear word to conservative Republicans, and the defendable pride and joy of liberal democrats. Now no matter what side you are on it is an embarrassing mess. (Which I wish more politicians would vocalize. The Republicans should not be cheering the failure of the bill as […]

From Pain to Hope

I am going to start doing different topics on different days of the week, much like radio programs. On Mondays, I am going to be telling my story as I am moving from one who focused on growth, to pain, and now hope. I emphasized these three things not only in my own life but […]

The Facebook Connection

                The Facebook Connection                 At one point, when I used Facebook I sent several dozen messages to friends at the end of a college semester encouraging them to stay strong. I also used it to keep in contact with friends that were far away. It worked like an […]

Thor the Dark World

Thor the Dark World was a fun adventure movie, and that was about it. There are plenty of unexplained key plot points to pick at, but it is not really worth it. There are so many that it ruins the entire movie. What I find more unfortunate than the unexplained coincidental plot points, was the […]

30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Thankfulness Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and it is time for everyone to sit around the table, eat food, enjoy company, and completely forget any meaning for the holiday. Actually a lot of people are good at remembering on that day to be thankful. But we should not end there. What if […]