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This is an update on my current projects. The static description is below.

IMG_20201104_163426677_HDRI am working diligently to set up a sequential coherent work on dating. I have many friends who have struggled with dating, relationships, and loneliness into their mid and late thirties. I have spent months researching the topic. From Neuropsychology by Daniel Siegel and Stan Tatkin, to personality types, and every Christian dating book under the sun. I have read it. I want to save you the work and the heartache of dating. My assertion? Dating can be and should be a fun activity that doesn’t leave our hearts in shambles.

My posts are not necessarily sequential. They aren’t even all exactly on topic. My mind processes ideas in more of a spider web of ideas than a logical series of steps. But the former is difficult to communicate. I am turning the web into a straightforward bridge. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or angry feedback you don’t want to leave in the comments section, feel free to contact me here.

Static About Page

Germany Cover photoBroken Crowns is an educational blog for Christian thought and practice. I emphasize bridging the gap between what we believe and what we do. Western society commonly views faith as a mental disposition or set of thoughts. In contrast, faith cannot exist without the consequential actions. I work in the gap to take faith into action.

At my previous job everything was measured. Only good detailed action steps created change. I reject simple admonitions. “Learn to be content” is about as useful as me telling you to, “just learn another language”. If I claim a good way of living I will present coherent logical steps to live that way.

I graduated from Multnomah University with a double major in Bible and Bible. I worked at a church for a year following graduation before I began working at a Forbes Fifty supply chain company. I managed large projects, worked on special deployments, and ran operations. I learned human character and growth outside the church. I learned how to connect ideas to actionable practice.

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