Broken Crowns is about everything that has to do with Christians engaging culture. We are called by Christ to be the ambassadors of reconciliation to the world. That reconciliation is first and foremost bringing others to Christ, but it also entails living our lives in every single way as reflections of God’s kingdom in heaven here on earth.

Blog entries will range from commentaries on movies, music, books, magazines, news events, macro cultural trends, Christian thought, philosophy, and the physical application of the ideas covered. Also, part of serving Christ well is reflecting his creativity through art. Therefore, there will be, occasionally, a simple story, picture, or piece of art just for the sake of art itself.

I will have a new entry 4-5 times a week, so check back often, or better yet, subscribe! I also really appreciate feedback. If you have comments, critiques, something you would like me to cover please do not hesitate to comment. I consider my writing a servants service. So if there is a way I could write better, or be more effective writing on a particular topic, expounding on others etc. Please let me know!

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