“Love Your Neighbor”

                There is a temptation in Christian circles to give into the current self-improvement focus of the surrounding culture. Many advertisements, books, lessons, and movies portray becoming a better person by focusing on the self is a primary goal in life. “Be the best you” “Ten ways to better […]

Humor and What We Watch

                Here is a conversation I have had with multiple unrelated people. Me: “So how was the guest speaker?”                 Person who must not be named: “Good”                 Me: “What was it about?”                 Person: “Uhm, well. The Christian life… and such.”                 Me: “What about it?”                 Person: […]

What We Watch

Part of engaging culture as Christians is finding out how culture affects us, and acting counter culturally to that. A second part is making sure that we are not partaking in culture in such a way that it hinders our Christian walk. Everything we listen to, watch, and read will affect how we think. How […]