Influence of Culture

                I write a blog that analyzes culture. Which is ironic, because I know and will try to convince you, that we learn best through stories rather than well thought out (or not so well thought out) arguments. Our thoughts, values, and opinions are formed more by all of the passive messages that we come across every day than by a conscious decision to believe a certain way. If we continually watch movies that portray masculinity and manhood as beating up bad guys, then we will start to think that way. If we watch movies that always portray women as damsels in distress that will begin to affect how we think about women.

                George Lucas was well aware of this, he says, “I’ve always tried to be aware of what I say in my films, because all of us who make motion pictures are teachers — teachers with very loud voices.” In Star Wars, he shows us the journey of a boy into manhood. That journey includes risking one’s life to save others, and making the right choices even when they have consequences. George Lucas portrays evil as something that is a choice. One chooses the light side or the dark side.

                These messages don’t only come through movies though. We learn how to think through advertisements, the news, billboards, (heaven forbid) bumper stickers, magazines, pictures, memes and any other mode of communication. Everything carries a message. What are you learning?

                All media teaches us how we should think and live. Not all of them are of a biblical worldview though. This is why we must again be able to say, “Yes…. But” We affirm what is correct, and deny what is not. What messages do you see Hollywood telling us that are correct? What do you hear them saying that is false?


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