Marriage and Values


As the arguments over homosexuality continue, I wish to continue the advancement of good biblically founded views on marriage. As I argued in my previous post, “Christians Response to Homosexuality,” we as Christians should never argue that homosexuality degrades our own marriages. Our lack of commitment, love, and value of marriage degrades our own marriages. Therefore, I hope to share a few thoughts on the importance of marriage.

                Our current culture teaches us that marriage is at best, a neutral choice. Television series, advertisements, and t-shirts all communicate that marriage is a burden. Once married you have the, “ball and chain,” it is now, “game over,” and your freedom of doing whatever you want is over. (The issue of freedom is another cultural idol I will speak on later).

                Gene Simmons on his reality show avoids at all costs the “M” word, although it looks like in all practicality, he is committed. (The pun there being a demonstration of small ways in which we make comments that devalue marriage.) All of the couples on television that live together, but are not married, are presented as having the wonderful freeing capability to be able to leave as soon as the relationship starts going south.

                  Almost all instances of sex, or sexuality, are shown between unwed individuals. The rush of the moment and the thrill of something new is emphasized. Rarely is there the presentation of long married couples sharing any amount of fire. They are the old prudes.

                Not only are most of the negative presentations of marriage stemming from an incorrect view of sex, but they also are counter Scriptural. Scripture presents marriage as part of the good creation of God, very good even. Marriage, or the, “one flesh,” is not just the sexual union, it is also the starting of a new family. Through the start of this new family, individuals fulfill the ordinance of being fruitful, multiplying and filling the earth.

                In the Greek Scriptures, marriage represents the relationship of Christ and the church. We are to act in ways that show Christ’ relationship to the church. In all, marriage is very important to God. Because of the constant attacks on the importance of marriage, I make it a point to try and abstain from all marriage jokes.  True, our marriages should be stronger than that, but the jewel of marriage on the Church’s crown is rather dull right now. We will need to work hard to bring back its luster.

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