A bit of hope for change

Recently Kim the author of the blog GivenBreath wrote a “Dear girls” letter to young women on Facebook who occasionally lack judgment in the pictures they post. Her letter is rather harsh, and unforgiving of any mistakes a young lady may make. Albeit, it is still her voice and her right to express it. However, what is cool is that part of the original post included recent summer photos of her family, and her boys at the beach. As boys at the beach, they were wearing swimsuits and no shirts. Which considering her disgust at young ladies posting racy pictures of themselves on Facebook, was rather hypocritical. Especially since from her post it seemed as though her boys were wearing less than the girls she was talking to. 

She changed her post. After several of her readers wrote in expressing this concern, she listened and changed the photos that went with her post. Although I still think her post is a bit harsh and does not carry with it the grace and mercy that it should, she still listened and corrected a conflict in her thinking and actions. 

Normally I do not post on issues that are this trivial, but it is nice to see people be open and willing to change their choices and actions in order to be more consistent. Furthermore as one who wants to change other peoples minds it reminds me of how our voices and opinions can make a difference in others lives. So to all of you who continually write in to editors, bloggers, and comment on posts and news articles. Keep writing. Write kindly, sincerely and with critical thought and pray for the best.


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