Are People Worth It? Part iii “Image of God”

Are they worth it part iii

As promised this was a three part piece. In the last two sections I asked the question of whether or not people are worth our time when we see no fruit. To which I answered that for one we can never know if we really have helped them, and that we need to pray that we may see others clearly and to love them on both our and their terms. I mentioned in the second one that I would be discussing here, the image of God.

                Everyone is made in the image of God. So when we ask if someone is worth it, our resounding answer should be yes. They carry in themselves, whether they know Christ or not, the image of the creator. We as people are God’s special creation set aside for his good pleasure, grace, mercy and love. The mere fact that others in this world manage to laugh, love, cry, and have relationships with others is a testimony to their being made in the image of God.

                We are in fact most like God when we are in relationships with others. God as Trinity made us men and women in relationship. Adam, even when he was still living perfectly and in proper relationship with God, was not supposed to be alone but be in relationship with other humans. The way the creation narrative was written, the trait of relationality was at least part of our being in the image of God.

                Part of what we must remember and call to mind when we are beginning to be burdened by what we perceive as someone not growing and not responding to our “help” (careful not to treat them as a project) is that no matter how much time and energy we have spent on them that they do carry the image of the Holy One in relationality.

                This image is broken and marred by sin but it is still in God’s image. So I leave this recommendation, don’t forget that when people do not seem worth it, whether because we think they have problems that can’t be fixed, or the relationship has so many disagreements and issues that you want to just cut and run, pray for them. Pray for the relationship and then just hang out. If we are in God’s image when we relate with others, then we may be best off letting the Holy Spirit work in us and the other person, and just being a good friend.

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