30 Days of Days of Random Acts of Kindness

30 Day of Random Acts of Kindness

                A while back I posted a link to a ted talk by Shawn Achor. In it he encouraged people to practice a thirty dayy attitude changing drill. For it you write out three things you are thankful for each day, write about one positive experience, and reach out to a random person each day. In light of that, not only am I writing out positive experiences, but I am also starting thirty days of actively looking for opportunities to love.

                Each day I am going to look for ways to show the people I am around that I love them. This includes things like—gifts, flowers, notes; acts of service, hugs, helping to clean up, dishes; encouragement, compliments, reminding people of who they are; and many others. Tonight I am starting off by buying my good friend Ashley a gift.

                Now I am probably the worst gift giver ever. Usually I end up buying my mom and sisters birthday gifts several months (or a year) later. I also have the hardest time finding a gift. I either think what they want is impractical, or that it is something they can just get themselves instead of as a gift, or I rationalize why they wouldn’t really like it. I am a perfectionist so when I don’t think it is perfect, I excuse it.

                But tonight I am going to give the simple gift of a purple pen. It isn’t much. It is just a pen. But I do know that it is her favorite color. And even if she doesn’t remember it in thirty years or cry from appreciation (which will definitely not happen, more likely I will get weird looks) I will be doing a kind thing for her.

                As for my other three, I haven’t figured those out yet. But I still have about 11 more hours in my day, so I still have lots of other chances.

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