One thing and the Whole

One Thing and the Whole           

                As I am growing and developing in my professional skills and balancing working a marketing position and running the church Jr. High and College ministries I am learning how much any one piece of that effects it all. I can’t be on top of my church involvement and let one of my work responsibilities, say phone calls, slide. The backsliding in one area will affect all of my other responsibilities.

                I have a really bad habit of just not trying my hardest. I am fairly smart and have been very blessed in my life to always have good opportunities for work and education. I pick up new skills quickly and can get by just fine without having to pay attention to every detail. This comes through in every area of my life. In martial arts, I don’t pay very close attention to every detail of every move, like where my weight is placed during a kick, and I can still perform at an acceptable level. I can teach my Jr. Higher’s without hours of prep and still pull off an okay lesson. I can write a paper without going through carefully word by word and still write a decent paper

                Often I know everything I should be doing, but since I am adequate, I let it go. The problem is that this is not being a good steward. Every choice in my life will affect the lives of people around me. How well I teach can affect my kids for a life time. How I write will affect my readers. How I train will change how I think about the rest of my life.

                I am going to begin taking a principle of, “change the outside to change the inside.” I will begin to practice martial arts with intentionality. As I train with intentionality, I will be not only training my body, but also my mind in how I should think about everything. Just like mold on food, it spreads. I want to spread professionality. So I start in one spot and watch it spread. 

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