Christians and Politics

                One of my primary concerns with politics for the Christian is how they engage with the conversation of politics. As Christians we balance a delicate world. We must both be able to articulate the truth of Scripture, which is firm and offensive to many, but also act out grace and compassion. We must speak loudly and firmly for absolutes that we believe in, but also understand that we live in a country that allows everyone to live by their own beliefs.

                We must balance living by and upholding biblical values for rules and policies, but also standing back at arms length so that we do not legislate our beliefs. We do this by focusing on the Church.

                Our primary focus when it comes to culture and politics is to live out a proper life as Christians and be so present in the public sphere that we are changing culture through our very actions, and bringing others to Christ by our life example. This means that we must speak kindly to all beliefs that uphold the value of human life.

                Our difficult part is when we have a belief against or for a biblical truth, but that we should not legislate because it would be enacting a religious belief as law. The hardest part of it is discerning what is and isn’t okay to legislate. Therefore, we must walk and speak carefully, understanding that we could be wrong. But the primary focus for us as Christians is making sure we are living rightly first and foremost before we try to change others.

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