30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Thankfulness
Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and it is time for everyone to sit around the table, eat food, enjoy company, and completely forget any meaning for the holiday. Actually a lot of people are good at remembering on that day to be thankful. But we should not end there. What if we were thankful for the whole month of November? What if every single day we practiced appreciating every single blessing we had? We would be happier people, and would have a happier thanksgiving, just watch this Ted Talk.

My challenge to you is to practice a thirty day thankfulness challenge. Except I will make two changes; do still write down positive experiences, but also write them in words of thankfulness. Be detailed. Don’t say you are just thankful for a person, write out why you are thankful for that person, what do you appreciate? Do you have a good memory with that person? Write it out. Second, tell someone, everyday what you are thankful for. Start a movement of thankfulness in your life and share it with others. Share this blog, and post down at the bottom your experiences.
Bonus if you tell them what you are thankful in the face of adversity.
Extra bonus if you tell complete strangers what you are thankful for. 

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