Thor the Dark World

Thor the Dark World was a fun adventure movie, and that was about it. There are plenty of unexplained key plot points to pick at, but it is not really worth it. There are so many that it ruins the entire movie. What I find more unfortunate than the unexplained coincidental plot points, was the change in characters character. Thor’s father turns from the wise overseer who understood how to change a persons heart (it is hinted at in the first one that he knew sending Thor to earth would change him) to one that is harsh, un-compassionate to Thor’s feelings for the human girl, and quick to fight. At the ending of the previous movie he told Thor that there was more than one way to earth, now he tells Thor to live where he is at and forget her. 

Heimdall (The gatekeeper of Asgard) loses his mystery and unlike in the first one where he would not even disobey the evil Loki, was quick to turn treasonous to Odin. 

Thor lost much of the emotional depth from the first movie.

In fact, the only characters that really kept their identities were Loki and Jane Foster. However, Jane Foster and her friend Darcy both are problematic in that they present women as one demential and fulfill general female stereotypes. Which I will talk about in later postings.

As far as worldviews go, Thor presents the most right thing the one that involves a personal duty to fix problems over any organized authority. The good guys are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys, but the good guys get to ignore authority and injure innocent people so long as the intentions are good, even when putting the planet at risk. In short, there is nothing blatantly wrong with the example given by Thor, except that it does not deal with the moral issues within it at all. They are ignored for the preservation of good as good and bad as bad. This ignoring of the moral questions is its problem.

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