Life worth living

I am starting a new series on life worth living, with a few random posts fitted in there as well. This is the first one, with many to follow that all point towards my goal of, “Inspiring life”

                One of the fears of a good friend of mine is, “living a mediocre life”. I never grew up with this fear. I always imagined grandiose visions of excellence for God’s kingdom. I imagined spreading the gospel to the wealthy, to every one of my coworkers, speaking to thousands, and possibly being a martyr. Even still I dream of running a home where several married couples all live together so that they can adopt many children and have direct support of other married couples.

                The communal aspect of having other like minded people, would, of course, move everyone forward towards always being aware of the need to live passionately for God. Furthermore, I had the dream that having a spouse to fight for and with for the sake of God would motivate a life worth living.

                I have in the past week realized this is a dreamy ideal. A life worth living is not motivated by people around you, even if they help, or by a spouse. It is solely between me and God. I have complete control of my choices towards, or away from a life worth living. God is always willing to provide the grace to make that so.

                I choose whether or not I go out of my way to help others, join a ministry, get involved at church, and choose the path less travelled. I also choose whether or not I pray fervently for the changing power of the Holy Spirit. I know at times we do not feel like doing good or sacrificing for others, but Christ’ power is manifested by His Spirit that he gives freely. So if you want to live a great life, do so. And make sure that your hope for a great life is placed in God, and not in others around you.

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