God’s Leading

                Living life for God includes being able to discern the path that he has for you. This includes listening to his Spirit and paying close attention to the details around you. I am all for both, but am skeptical at times of our ability to interpret events and the leading of his Spirit. Often we are forced to discern between what may be the Lord speaking to us, and whatever we just had for lunch, or hormones. Often we are wrong, much like the young man who believes that God is telling him to marry the pretty girl next to Him.

                When it comes to interpreting events, we are usually no better. Events must be interpreted and last I checked, I am not perfect. However interpret we must. My recommendation is that when in doubt, assume that God is at work. What he is working towards though, is clearly laid out in Scripture. He is working us towards doing good, serving others, and performing acts of love and redemption. Our focus should be on what we know is true from Scripture first, everything else is secondary. However, there are times when asking for a sign can have important results.

                I remember one time in my life where I was for whatever reasons distraught and seeking the peace of the Lord. I was most likely going through my regular and routine midlife crisis where I realized I seem to not yet be like a movie hero. So after reading the Scripture and praying, I asked God for a sign. I walked outside on a brisk fall afternoon. Our front driveway is circular and on either side there is a thick hedge of trees. The sun cast dancing shadows as a light wind rustles the leaves. Right in one of theses shadows on the right side of the driveway, a snow white dove, a rare siting where I live, landed in the driveway.

                I was elated and reminded of the doves representation of peace. I was thankful that God in this instance answered my prayers and gave me a very visible reason to trust in his peace. As I watched the dove just sit there in the driveway, I walked out off of our porch towards it, to see how long it would stay. As I slowly walked towards it, a falcon slipped out of one of the trees and sunk its talons into the small white dove. I watched in horror as the falcon began to dismember and eat my sign of peace right before my eyes. For a minute or so the falcon picked at the bird, until finally it flew up into a far away tree, dropping feathers as it went, to eat my peace.

                I still have no idea what that means.

                Be careful what you ask for, and even more careful what you attribute to God. But know that if you want to live your life well, you must know what is sure, the truth of Scripture.

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